Elizabeth Sampson
As my second litter of puppies involved the use of an outside stud dog, not my own, it seemed more important to be accurate with the timing and so I invested in a pack of Karen's ovulation pads having done a lot of internet research, watched the videos and discovered horrendous prices for progesterone tests with my vet.
However, I was still a little sceptical! From observation of Sally during previous seasons I thought that she ovulated around day 11 to 13 and so when the pads showed that she had ovulated on day 5, I was extremely surprised.
On the strength of this we mated her on day 7, but still thinking this was rather early, repeated the matings on days 9 and 11. Her four week scan showed a pregnancy consistent with the first mating. We had a wonderful litter of 12 healthy puppies, one of whom we have kept. Had we delayed, we might well have failed.
I shall be using the pads again for future litters with a great deal more confidence than I did on the first occasion!

Tony and Helen, Border terriers.
Dear Karen
Just a quick email to let you know how pleased we are with ovulation pads.
We have never bred from our bitch before and could not believe how simple the pads are to use and the results were clear to read. For a first time breeder we were extremely happy with the product.
After nine weeks from our first cover we are the proud owners of four Border Terrier puppies two boys and two girls that are growing extremely fast.
Kind regards
Tony and Helen

Gillian, German Shepherds
thanks so much for the ovulation test pads. As you can see we got a healthy litter of 10 German Shepherd Pups ( aged 6 weeks in the photo) after two previous failed attempts. We had always put Freja to the stud from 12-14 days as advised by our vet, and she certainly stood for him every time.
This time we used the pads, and saw that it was in fact day 17 when she ovulated, so we raced to the stud again ( over on to an island with two long drives and a boat) and crossed our fingers. We intend to breed her again in a couple of seasons time so will certainly use them again.
I don't often write testimonials but I am convinced that without these we would not have our bundles of joy with us today.
Best wishes