Canine Ovulation Test Pads

Please watch our how-to-use videos here  Then continue to read instructions below.

Thank you for using our service, the test pads are easy and convenient to use at home with instant results. The Pads respond positively when your bitch is ovulating and ready to be mated. 

We supply a test saver sheet so you can monitor and understand all of your bitch’s season. You can also e mail the test saver sheet to us and we will be most happy to assist you with reading your test results.

There are 3 stages to her season, the first surge which starts the season, then the second surge also known as the LH surge, followed by ovulation. We mate as soon as we see a positive result for ovulation, this is when her eggs are ready to be fertilised.  

In a normal season, the first surge that starts her season will last for around 3 to 7 days. Then after a few days the second surge will start, known as the pre ovulatory LH (Luteinising Hormone) surge occurs.  The LH surge will last for approximately 2 to 5 days depending on the bitch. 

After the peak of the second surge has finished her blood will start to lesson and become lighter, this is known as “straw” coloured blood. (However, some bitches will bleed heavily all the way through the season and some will have a silent season where hardly any blood Is lost). Every bitch can be different.

How To Test and Record Your Results 

The reason we test the whole season is to establish knowledge and fertility. By testing through the first and second hormone surges with no issues it should be a normal ovulation. By monitoring the whole season, we can also tell if there are issues, for example split, silent or false seasons, infections and more. If you have more than one bitch, take a photocopy of the saver sheet. You test from day 1 of season. We count the first day of season as the first day we see blood. This should be a relaxed way to test. Use their favourite treats and lots of fuss will work wonders, take your time. 

1, Take your bitch to pass urine prior to testing, this ensures all discharge and most of the blood will be removed from the vulva

 making testing easier and results clearer. 

2, Gently insert the Pink part of the Pad into her vulva. Keep the Pink part of the pad upright so the pink Pad will lay flat against her left or right-side vulva wall. You only need to place the pad 1 to 2 cm inside the vulva. Gently hold the pad in place. You need to hold the pad inside her for 20 to 30 seconds. You can gently massage the vulva to ensure the pad is full of vaginal


3, Place the pad on the saver sheet provided next to the correct DOS (Day of season), leave for 5 minutes for a result. You can take a photo of the result and E Mail to me at if you require a test reading or advice. By placing the pads on the saver sheet next to correct DOS, morning and afternoon, we can build up a history of your bitches season. This will help us in reading the results and clarify where your bitch is in the season. 

4, Test morning (AM) & afternoon (PM) as guided by the sheet.  Please do not skip tests and leave a minimum of 6 hours between testing. 

5, After 5 minutes cover the Pink part of the pad with clear tape this helps the pad from fading further. If you have more than one bitch take a photo copy and use a separate saver chart sheet for each bitch. 

6, The pads will go darker or fade over 24 hours so always photo/note the first colour change in the first 5 minutes. 

7, In the first days of testing, the Pads results can be just blood on the pads and start of season hormones. The pads are often a blood, Terracotta, black or brick colour, this is the start of season and is normal. 

8, The results will remain like this until out of the start of season Surge (1st surge). The pads normally turn slightly lighter until 2nd surge Aka as LH surge. This will last for 3 to 7 days, from around day 8 to 14. The results will often look dark and some will still have blood on the Pad, this is normal. Every bitch can be different this is why we test and not guess. 

9, Pre ovulation, the blood will now start to reduce after the 2nd surge. The Pads will go lighter, almost pink again. She is getting ready to ovulate. Again, this time can vary between bitches. As she comes into ovulation and has been through both her surges, the pads start to show clear positives results. This can be black edges or dark blue dots, corners, stripes, or the whole pad will go all blue/burgundy/black depending on your bitch. 

10, When she is coming out of the 2nd surge, you have on average 3 to 5 days to Ovulation. After years of collecting data, we have found for best results, to mate on the 2nd and 4th Days of Ovulation or if a late ovulater (day 17+) mate 1st, 2nd & 3rd day of ovulation.

Please see our how-to-use video